Hopeful for a Green Philippines

Go Green Philippines is a site dedicated to information for sustainable projects, carbon emissions, footprints and reporting. We’ll discuss how the Philippines is keeping up with meeting its long term goals as presented to the Paris Agreement, and what new and exciting technologies is being developed that help to address climate change.

For many, these goals seem lofty, too far off and not of concern. But climate change has a profoundly affects the food that is available and what can be eaten, quality of water and availability of fresh water, and even the weather and how many extreme weather events can occur.

Each one of us can help address climate change by small actions from recycling, to reducing waste. But this is small overall when compared to the drastic emissions and waste that large corporations produce. It’s important that we keep them in check and that while they provide goods and services to the public, that they are also aware of their own impact to the environment.

Hopefully, these changes come so that future generations can enjoy this beautiful place we call home.